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Lust is my Sin

Lust is my Sin

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Lust Is My Sin' is an unpretentious Erotic tale of a human, Yang LiQin and his Genie of Lust, Liang KuoLee through the grips of lust and into the arms of love.  Yang LiQin, a man rendered orphan with two siblings and a business thriving better with time, finds himself cornered out of nowhere by an unequivocally handsome being calling himself the Genie of Lust, Liang KuoLee.  Against all odds and beyond all reasons, LiQin finds himself getting entangled with the Genie of Lust, and exposing himself to the world of Eros Agapes amidst rising lust, and inadvertent love.  Unbeknownst to LiQin, KuoLee is a degraded Genie, one who is far weaker than others of his own species, one who has committed sins against the written rules of Goddess Fate, only to seek LiQin.  But when LiQin is exposed to the truth, after having his heart betrayed, LiQin still finds himself trusting the Genie out of his growing attraction.  However, going against Goddess Fate comes with a price. And price both human and his Genie have to pay. With LiQin's memories deface, KuoLee's magic starts dwindling at an alarming rate. In a fit of absolute rage KuoLee seeks Goddess Fate, invading Her abodes, only to find himself at crossroads with his own blood, his own clan.  It's all upon LiQin now to find it in his heart to remember his Eros Agape before death lulls him to an eternal slumber.
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    Lily D. Kai
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    a. Items are non refundable and cannot be cancelled once order is placed.
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