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Love of a Stranger

Love of a Stranger

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"Falling in love means not to fix someone, but rather to heal together." A young girl returns back to the city that houses her monsters. She learns to stand up to her rapist and her own family. She defies all inhibitions of the society, shedding blood and tears to carve out a decent life for herself. There is a challenge at every step, fear in every corner of her heart, and memories haunting her mind. But she keeps going on. This is the story of a girl who carries a little bit of all of us inside her. The story of a couple who gives a new meaning to love. The story of a boy who proves that love is more than chocolates and flowers. A story that mirrors ours in ways we could never imagine. Because we all have a story. And this is Nessie's. --------*-------- The story of a rape. The story of many ruined lives. The story of a girl with no one to call her own, of a best friend with secrets behind her smile, of a friendship that has grown into love, and of circumstances that keep the love away.
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