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Living Lights - Dust Jacket

Living Lights - Dust Jacket

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�Leonard Cohen said that, when you read poetry, you look for someone to illuminate a landscape that you thought you alone walked on. Avani illuminates this in this captivating book of verse, Living Lights. The language is rich and textured, bringing us into the folds of Avani�s thought process. The language captures elusive moments of insight, often profound in their effect.
Avani proves to be a diligent thinker as well as an assiduous and clear communicator about topics that might just spark change within. The process Avani has gone through to write this work seems to have been a healing one. For this reason, she inspires us to take a similar look at our own lives. By the end of the collection, I could feel her strength in getting out all that she had to say. She knows what her poems are about, and she knows how they should be told.
This work is an ode to a vibrant creativity, a poet who has given into an innate desire to create and watched as her role in the world, and the world itself, came pouring out of it. Her words put a welcome, authentic voice to this most universal collection of emotions. For those who are searching for some self-awareness, self-care, and some kindness, Living Lights is a gift that can show you the way.�
Caroline Stewart � Director of Vocational Qualifications, leading Sixth Form College, UK
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    Avani Patel
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