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Lion's Roar

Lion's Roar

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“Stop or not. Steps, onward. For what, my dear friend?
Is there any clue? Is there any story?
Motion of life, for the desired life’s reel.
Who can hear? Roar…
What’s that? Roaring… Lion’s Roar!
Your inner spirits, deepest the mind. Now it’s time to rise up and
show the world-
Who you are? Not a timid person. A Lion!
You are the owner of your own kingdom. Make glorious steps
onward, breaking down all kinds of scary sights. No more tears.
This poetry book contains some exceptional essences of words,
as the poetic vibes. As for example- Lion, I am the Boss, I am the
Messenger, Reach the dream etc.
Hope anyone will enjoy, if tries to read for a moment.
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    S Afrose
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