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Kama And Karma

Kama And Karma

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Love cannot be coerced or imposed. Attempting to force or
manipulate someone into loving another would undermine the
authenticity and depth of that emotion. Love is a profound
connection that blossoms on its own, free from manipulation or
In several unconventional relationships, love is often associated with
forbidden fruit, which is a metaphor for anything that is desired but
not moral, legal, or permissible to indulge in. Love outside marriage
amounts to infidelity, but it may prove to be a boon to rekindle the
dead romance between the married couple. External involvement
might serve as a catalyst to reignite the romantic spark within the
The seven stories here depict situations that capture the idea of
love as a force that evolves naturally, transcending societal norms
and expectations. Love flourishes uninhibited and takes its own
course, and the characters surrender to love’s flow, unmindful of
social practice and established norms of monogamy, viewing it as a
spiritual and divine experience.
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    Kuldeep Sharma
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