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Jazz en Dominicana - Dust Jacket

Jazz en Dominicana - Dust Jacket

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The speciality of this book is that it is integrated with Augmented Reality so that the readers may enjoy the wonderful music while reading the interviews made by Jazz en Dominicana in the year 2019. They include 7 jazz musicians, and 4 jazz radio program producers and hosts. They provide a look into these very talented actors that are an essential part of the current day jazz scene in the Dominican Republic. There is a particular QR Code placed after every Interview, which the readers may scan using a QR Scanner and listen to the music. The Cover similarly has an AR App to be downloaded as mentioned in the book for the music video to play on scanning the Cover of the book The author of this book is also the Winner of Ukiyoto Global blog Awards Season II 2019
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    Fernando Rodriguez
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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