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Immortality of Fireflies - Dust Jacket

Immortality of Fireflies - Dust Jacket

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Malina Gazia is a victim of war. In her life, the guilty are not ambiguous. She has no doubts over those who have wronged her, who have caused her pain and suffering. But, Skyler O�Sullivan is a very different story. He is one man who caused her pleasure and pain, joy and suffering, and she spent decades unsure which opinion to take, so she took both; she presented pleasure and joy to their daughter Sofia, while she shared pain and suffering with her friends.
Sofia wanted to meet her father her whole life and the time had come for the mother and the daughter to take a trip to the other side of the world to meet him. As they reconnect, Malina discovers there are many ways to come back from the dead. However, the moment she relaxes and lets love back in, an event occurs that takes her away from that and back into the world of fighting. In that world, she is oblivious to life, love, even herself. Only her objective exists. Will Skyler be able to accept that and give her another chance?
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    Meliha Avdic

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