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(Her) Voice from within - Dust Jacket

(Her) Voice from within - Dust Jacket

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Raeesa Usmani takes the reader on a breath-taking journey where together they explore the inner worlds of women Myriads of female voices assail the reader with stories of suffering, resilience and strength, either cowering in a cage or fluttering around like birds that have finally spread their wings and learnt how to fly.

- Nivin El Asdoudi,

 Alexandria University, Egypt


Raeesa writes in a simple, crisp style about the existential crises engendered by modernity and loss of value. Her gaze follows the world in its various avatars, and returns to dissect its essence, to present it to the reader. Her voice is firm and direct and leaves the reader in little doubt about routines that scar.

- Huzaifa Pandit 

(Author, Green is the Colour of Memory)

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    Raeesa Usmani

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