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Her Silent Tears - Dust Jacket

Her Silent Tears - Dust Jacket

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What happens when fate plays a major role in your life?

Was is it their destiny or was it their fault for choosing the wrong path?

The story revolves around three individuals who experiences the cruelty of this world, who never thought that they would live a life that's unimaginable. What happens when it's a mistake that cannot be forgotten or forgiven.

The sun bids goodbye for the day, the moon walks in brightly, like always they curl up in the bed, wiping their silent tears which constantly kept rolling down their cheeks. As the sun rises, they put up their fake smiles and face the cruel world where everyone believed that the pain behind their smile was kept hidden until destiny took power into their life.

Whenever they yearned for love, it was replaced by tears and tears only. Fate plays with their life where they are unable to hide nor run away but to deal with the consequences, no one can hear their pain likewise no one can feel their silent tears which holds their emotions that words couldn't express.

Three broken souls hoping for a miracle that would swipe them from the pain they are suffering, hoping that they would be relieved from the nasty world.

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    Sumaiya Fairoos

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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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