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Her Secret Letters - Dust Jacket

Her Secret Letters - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG151124
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Unlock the secrets of life with this mesmerizing collection of poems. From exploring the beauty of nature to the complexities of the human heart, this book is a journey through the joys and sorrows of life.
With vivid imagery and thought-provoking language, this is a book that will stay with you long after you�ve read it. Each poem will draw you into its world and leave you with a deeper understanding of the beauty and emotion of life.
This book will take you on a journey of self-discovery, reminding you of the power of words and the importance of cherishing the moments that make life so special. Be ready to explore the depths of emotion and find a newfound appreciation for life.
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    Theva Kiruba
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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