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Healing the Rift A Physician's Insight into Medical Negligence

Healing the Rift A Physician's Insight into Medical Negligence

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In his highly anticipated third book, “ Healing the Rift A Physician’s Insight
into Medical Negligence – Past, Present, and Paths to Progress,” esteemed
author and Senior Consulting Physician, Dr. Yogesh Gupta, goes beyond the
surface to explore the historical roots of contemporary healthcare challenges
in India. Delving deep into the origins of problems imported from the USA,
which were later adopted by India, Dr. Gupta presents a meticulous analysis
of the factors that have strained the patient-doctor relationship.
Having previously shared his insights in “”COVID Diaries: Virus vs We””
and “”We Learn as We Grow,”” Dr. Gupta brings a wealth of wisdom to his
latest work. Here, he not only examines the historical backdrop of medical
negligence but also shines a critical light on the shortcomings of the present
legal system in adjudicating the intricate nuances of medical practice.
In a bold departure from conventional thinking, Dr. Yogesh Gupta argues
that the current punitive model and the lengthy, tedious legal processes fail
to deliver justice to either the patient or the doctor. Firm in his belief that
justice should be swift, fair, and restorative, Dr. Gupta proposes a new vision
for addressing the complexities of medical negligence in India. His book is
a manifesto for change, advocating for a system that prioritizes trust, ethics,
and efficiency.
“”Healing the Rift”” is not just a critique; it is a call to action. Dr. Gupta’s
compelling narrative, enriched by historical insights and profound
reflections, challenges the status quo and presents a roadmap for a
healthcare system that serves both patients and doctors equitably. This book
is essential reading for anyone seeking a transformative perspective on the
future of healthcare in India.
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