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Hanabira - Dust Jacket

Hanabira - Dust Jacket

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Hanabira means 'petals' in Japanese. Set in various settings and genres, each story in this anthology is a petal of a different flower! 


A paranormal experience,

A life-changing meeting in an elevator, 

A ship-crash due to cyclone,

An attempt to impress crush gone bad,

Dark secrets from the past'


This mix of Horror, Romance, Crime, and Drama would make readers feel good, make them cry, or surprise them with an unexpected twist!

  • Author Name

    Romila Chitturi, Yamini Aggarwal, Kiran Hiwale, Komal Jain, Smriti Malhotra, Nilesh Rajpurohit, Akanksha Dhawan, Ishan Parihar, Ramesh Ramakrishnan, Rajkumari Patil

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