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Fuel Cell

Fuel Cell

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In the twenty-first millennium, the popularity for cleaner and more sustainable sources has become a powerful driving
force in maintaining economic development and, as a result, improving human living conditions. In that regard, Fuel cells
are widely acknowledged to be the foundation of clean energy, because of their high efficiency, high energy density, and low cost or no emissions. Fuel cells have recently experienced a surge in popularity. Recent progress in fuel cell system
development and implementation necessitate basic scientific and technological knowledge as well as advanced techniques in fuel cell design and analysis. The content of the book has been discussed in a clear and concise way. This book contains 7 chapters. The aim of the book is to familiarize you with some ideas about the fuel cell. The objective of this book is not to consider all parts of Fuel cells but rather to present a bird�s view and understanding for the typical steps.
The first chapter discusses the problems of pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, the importance of the fuel cell, as well as its benefits and drawbacks. The short history of fuel cells is presented in Chapter 2, and the applications of fuel
cells in various fields are presented in Chapter 3. Chapter 4 covers fundamental electrochemistry, fuel cell technology, and
so on. The various types of fuels and fuel cells are discussed in Chapter 5.Chapter 6 gives some fuel cell reactions and some important mechanisms. The last chapter, chapter 7, contains various questions and their answers.
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