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Find X - Dust Jacket

Find X - Dust Jacket

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"Veeshal is a teenage boy who has recently stepped into high school from middle
school. The three years of high school are also going to be his last years in school.
At the beginning of high school Veeshal’s life undergoes some changes because
of which he finds himself in a new residence and among a new group of friends.
While Veeshal adapts to this change of place and change of friends he sees himself
becoming a different individual. From this juncture the journey of him going from
introvert to extrovert, reserved to outspoken and timid to bold, commences.
With each passing day Veeshal grows in comfort of his family & friends and happily
cruises from one class to another. This period also embarks rise of Veeshal as
an extra ordinary & brilliant student which brings him much coveted attention &
accolades. Veeshal finds himself living a perfect life where there is no paucity of joy
and fulfillment. However, this bed of roses comes with its own share of thorns. Just
when Veeshal starts to feel that things couldn’t get any better for him, someone in
disguise comes in and breaks his reverie. That someone disguises himself like the X
in the equation and while making his moves challenges Veeshal to find him.
Being more of a creative mind than of an analytical mind makes it all the more
difficult Veeshal to solve this puzzle. Is this Mr. X a friend or a foe? Is he a
competitor or a collaborator of me? are the questions that cloud Veeshal’s mind and
conscious. Does Veeshal succeed in his endeavor of uncovering the mystery? Read
and find out in this scintillating novel ‘Find X’."

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    Atul Tawade
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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