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Festival Fun Activity Book - Dust Jacket

Festival Fun Activity Book - Dust Jacket

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Hurray!!! Our mother Goddess, Durga (Goddess of Strength and Courage) is coming in town to gift us prosperity, peace and happiness! Celebration will kick start in less than 2 weeks. But do our little champs know the relevance and significance of these Festivals -  Navratri / Durga Puja / Dussehra!

Do they know:
- What our ten-armed Goddess holding in her hands and who gifted those weapons to her?
- What those weapons signify? The virtues we need to develop as we celebrate!
- What are the nine colors of nine days of Navratri and their significance? The values we need to inculcate as we celebrate!
- Why and where these festivals with different names are celebrated? Navratri Map of India
-What are the Different Avatars of Durga? We all have been gifted with super powers (our talents) which are our superstrenghts - which help transform us into our SUPERHERO avatars. What is your own avatar? Are you a supersinger, superdancer, supermathematician, superreader?

Grab this book on Amazon or Ukiyoto and let your kids enjoy this festive period in an unique way, doing fun-filled activities connecting them to the true meanings of these festivities and ofcourse learning some amazing facts about our beautiful festivals! Kids will be delighted with the 44 pages of activities designed to provide countless hours of creative plus thinking fun.

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    Shivasree Bhowmik
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