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Farewell, Love, Eles - Dust Jacket

Farewell, Love, Eles - Dust Jacket

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Eles Wilmington is a writer, a wonder, and a fair woman. She likes the month of August and eloquently writes down her thoughts as a form of her liberty. In blossoms of her youthful days, she was acquainted with Agustine Lockheart, a grandson of a Don. Her summer is filled with happiness, love, and bittersweet memories. It is one of the unforgettable seasons of her life and she never regrets making the decision that made her a maiden for the rest of her life.    
�You can have my heart, Agustine. Soon, if it beats fully for you.�  
-Eles Wilmington   
�Those ladies are boring. You are always my favorite and one of my best leisure.�  
-Agustine Lockheart
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