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Everything I dreamt of - Dust Jacket

Everything I dreamt of - Dust Jacket

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“Everything I dreamt of”, is a story of a boy who is passionate about photography and much more adventurous things in his life. But life has already planned a different path for him, as in every family his mother wants him to have a decent job for a secured future. 
Every young mind has its own way to shine and fervent in what they love and what they want to do. There is no one who excelled or been successful in what they don’t want to do. The one we all know to be successful in their domain is the person who chased against the societal rules and chose to be what they wanted to be.
Will he chase his dream?
Will he achieve it?
To know the struggle of how our protagonist tried to chase his dreams. Read the book of an inspirational story with a mixture of roller coaster emotions of love, passion, pain and everything.
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    Manohar Rapelly
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