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Entrepreneurship Made Easy - Dust Jacket

Entrepreneurship Made Easy - Dust Jacket

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Most of the entrepreneurs are those people who simply got tired of working for others, had a great idea which they wanted to commercialize, or woke up one day with an urgent desire to build wealth before they retired. So they took the big leap. The country's economic policy environment must be favourable for organizations to achieve efficiencies in today's global market. It should enable the entrepreneurs to provide a magical touch to an organization, whether in public or private or joint sector, in achieving speed, flexibility, innovativeness, and a strong sense of self-determination. 


They bring a new vision to the forefront of economic growth of a country. The study of entrepreneurship has relevance today, not only because it helps entrepreneurs better to fulfil their personal needs but because of the economic contribution of the new ventures. More than increasing national income by creating new jobs, entrepreneurship acts as a positive force in economic growth by serving as the bridge between innovation and market place.

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