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Echoes of Departed

Echoes of Departed

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P.S Manoj Kumar�s collection of poems, �Echoes of Departed�
resonates with the cries of the marginalized, the downtrodden,
and the victimized. The poetry collection showcases a diverse
range of themes and emotions each offering a unique exploration
of the human experience. It shines a spotlight on the dark realities
of authoritarianism and Fascism, giving voice to those whose cries
for justice and equality are stifled by fear and oppression. From the
shadows of oppression to the whispers behind closed doors and
the harmony of nature unraveling, this poetry collection serves as
a powerful reminder of the beauty, pain, and interconnectedness
of life. One of the most striking aspects of the collection is its
exploration of the understated relationship between man and nature.
The anthology unravels the complex tapestry of emotions, conflicts,
and secrets that simmer beneath the surface of seemingly ordinary
domestic spaces The poems are not merely expressions of individual
experiences but windows into larger socio-political realities, where
the personal and the universal intersect in profound ways. The
45 poems in the collection through their evocative language and
profound insights challenge readers to confront the complexities of
our World and inspire us to strive for a more just, compassionate,
and sustainable future.
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    P.S Manojkumar
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