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Dhi's Law of Nine Archetypes

Dhi's Law of Nine Archetypes

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Saudamini Mishra a.k.a Dhi is a bestselling author and an award-winning, internationally exhibiting artist from New Delhi, India. Her works, including her self-portrait �Dhi�, are permanently displayed at the IGI Airport, T3, New Delhi. 
She is the inventor of Oracle Numerology and her upcoming book is based on her original self-help belief system� Dhi's Law of Nine Archetypes which aims to enrich one's social, economic, and emotional life with the help of the ancient knowledge of the symbolism of nine numbers, their recurrence, and their inherent impact on one's life and mind. 
All her books that belong to the genre of self-help are illustrated by her, as are their covers, and are aimed at transforming one's life through the practical application of her pattern-based system.
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    Saudamini Mishra
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