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Dancing Alphabet - Dust Jacket

Dancing Alphabet - Dust Jacket

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Greetings dear all!
We are letters of Alphabet�s kingdom.  You know us. 26 ones, we are. We are dear friends. We love each other. Whether first or last in position, we are always ready to help each other. 
Here, we have made some sweet tunes. Hope, you all enjoy these heartfully. 
Can try to see, if you get the chance. Then we will be happy, my dear beloved ones. 
The motto of this book � Dancing Alphabet� is, to hold all people, under the umbrella of friendship. That will help to build up the peaceful earth. We are not so good, but still try to spread our beautiful thoughts.
Let�s love all the people. Let�s enjoy the beautiful life.
Come on and dance with us.
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    S Afrose
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