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Chrysalis - Dust Jacket

Chrysalis - Dust Jacket

SKU: DJAG151341
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Will Vividha be able to do justice to her inheritance and prove that her parents' faith in her was not misplaced? California-bred media heiress Vividha has spent much of her young life partying to hide the deep impact of losing her parents in early childhood. But as she approaches her 28th birthday, everything changes. Her grandfather, head of the family-owned media house in Chennai, summons her back home to fulfill the terms of her parents' Will. Thinking that she needs to spend just a year there, she reluctantly travels to Chennai with her faithful companion Winnie. On reaching, she is shocked to learn that she must either stay on and manage the family business or get disinherited and lose a sizeable chunk of the family wealth and the media house. Outraged, hurt and betrayed, she decides to return to California. However, Winnie's harsh criticism of her selfish attitude, her grandfather's unconditional love and his unquestioning acceptance of her decision to return make her pause; on a sudden whim, she pivots to give the family business a chance. With Winnie and her grandfather Ramanujam Ayer at her side, Vividha cautiously navigates the tricky corporate world, fueled by several cups of filter kaapi. Will she be able to pull it off? Will she reboot Ayers Media successfully? Will she be able to emerge from her self-imposed cocoon of loneliness and grief, to open her heart to the unconditional love around her? Will she finally embrace her legacy and her roots?

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    Neetha Raman
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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