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Bloom - Dust Jacket

Bloom - Dust Jacket

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The only way out, is through it"
From facing trauma to building up walls, having them shattered with lies and truths. From being betrayed to first love, to finding who you truly are. 
We are all told stories as children, but as we grow older, these stories grow false. Like roses have thrones, love can be poisonous as well. 
When Liv finds out all her childhood beliefs were made up of lies, what will be her next step? 
Will it bring her pain or destruction or lead to a happy ending?
It is a story about two women who meet by fate or call it a well-planned set-up. But now they have to work together to eliminate the threat that is lurking in their town while unraveling a few bitter truths, facing their darkest demons, and discovering who they are.
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    Tushita Ahlawat
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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