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Blood Relatives

Blood Relatives

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“Blood Relatives” is a novel about a man and his love for nature!
This novel tells how recklessly we are using nature around us. 
The novel is about Dhagala-Raam whose name itself exhibits his closeness towards nature. His inclination and love for nature keep him away from his community and the life that his mother plans for him.
This Novel is the reality that shows how nature is departing from men’s world. And how men neglect and destroy the ecosystems that sustain them alive too!
As a Bhil, he tries to change the way of wood-selling to planting but his own people oppose his proposal.
He decides to walk alone and starts planting everywhere.
He meets a girl who gives him planting work.
He talks to them, hears them, and acts accordingly. He turns himself into tree and tasts the teeth of chainsaw. When he comes to know man made pollution where he inhale venom of industrial emission.
He bathes in the poisonous river and stays rotten with plastic!
He calls them his family and wants them to stop moving away from a life. This is the story of Dhagala-Raam, a man spends his entire life for his Blood Relatives.
  • Author Name

    Bhawani Singh Chhagan Singh Bhati
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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