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An Unkind Mind - Dust Jacket

An Unkind Mind - Dust Jacket

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This book captures honest feelings of a heart in the format of poetry. It tries to draw upon how small experiences teach us a lot about life. The philosophically bent book is a keen observation of the world from the lens of an innocent heart. It�s deep, yet na�ve and hence, strikes a chord with Gen-X and millennials. It tries to liberate the reader of guilt and shame they might feel about their experiences. It also tries to acknowledge the pain many of endured in their struggles and their internal journey towards liberation.
This book is targeted towards an urban audience (teenage and beyond), that is still trying to find a suitable path in life or trying to make sense of the world as it is. It captures the struggles of this audience such as the hypocrisy and loneliness that they often feel living in this society. It tries to comfort the audience and show them a light at the end of the tunnel to keep them going making them realize that they are not alone.
The poems are an easy read for today�s generation and the format maybe compared with �ninety-seven poems� which are simply written but are hard hitting. Since, the generation today is driven by experiences, I feel this compilation of poetry would be an easy sell. The hurt and struggles highlighted in the poems would be easy to connect with the young generation leading a fast life in metro cities of India and abroad.
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    Tanya Pens
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