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Airavata II

Airavata II

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An elephant is just not an animal alone, it is carrying on its shoulders about the elephants of their stories and experiences to share with us. It does not like it to be portrayed as an animal in schools for the fancy dress competitions alone, it wants it to be heard!  They have thoughts and emotions too. They aren�t a mere object to be identified as, �e for elephant,� nor as a picture to be coloured in the crafts or drawing classes. They want us to hear about their evolution, what does a family mean to them, what it is being a friend, what it is being grounded despite their gigantic figure, what it is being treated as an object of display in a zoo, what it is being vulnerable, what it is losing a part of them to the Human�s thirst, and, why they behave the way they do when harmed or when we step into their boundary? The stories are endless, You would feel all these emotions as you flip through the leaflets. This book was conceptualised by Pachyderm tales and created by Mayaakatha.
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    Meera V Barath
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