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Africans Remain Beggars - Dust Jacket

Africans Remain Beggars - Dust Jacket

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Africans Remain Beggars is based on the situation in Africa. The author outlines the reasons why Africans remain poor. It is not a secret that even though Africa is rich in minerals, Africans are swimming in poverty. African leaders continue to make turns going to Europe and other continents to beg money. The author mentions how politics had affected the economy in Africa.This book is about helping Africans to change and do not dwell in poverty. Some of the topics mentioned are laziness of Africans, the love for food, sex and their choice of marriage partners. Also, lack of leadership in Africa is playing a big part in destroying the lives of Africans.
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    Daniel Mugaviri
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    All items are non returnable and non refundable
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