A Nomad's Diary - Flipbook

A Nomad's Diary - Flipbook

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A Nomad’s diary brings out the perspective of today’s youth, especially those who stay far away from home. It shows a glimpse of how life goes on, far from family, and yet very much connected to our roots. It is a collection of short narratives, based on the real events that happened in the life of the author. These tales present various aspects of what we know as modern generation life with a perfect blend of humor and sarcasm. Everyone, except the ones with aerophobia, loves to fly and explore other nations. However, the happiness of going abroad on your employer’s funds is unmatched. For that matter, any materialistic pleasures on someone else’s money are always amusing in the first place. Who on earth doesn’t love freebies? Indian-ness among Indians is stubborn. You can take a person out of India but you cannot take India out of a person, and the same happens when the author findsIndian anecdotes and reminiscences at every other step inthe foreign country. The book is a collection of hilariousexperiences of a typical IT army going onsite and enjoyingtheir days in Indian attitude.
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    Taniya Mandal
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