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A Girl from Goa - Dust Jacket

A Girl from Goa - Dust Jacket

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This is a story straight out of Bollywood, or is it? When Namrata, a pretty young thing from Goa meets Sandeep, a handsome lad from Karnataka, sparks fly. It takes a packet of detergent, endless love letters and some hilarious incidents before Namrata takes Sandeep seriously. That�s the easier part. Convincing the two families and the actual marriage is where all the drama begins. And the drama continues long after the garlands are exchanged; which brings up the question - is that �happily married ever after� thing for real or just a cliche! Come fall in love with the young couple as they move back and forth between two beautiful states of Goa and Karnataka. Come fall in love with love!
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    Radhika Acharya
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