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Scope of Writing in Regional Languages

Even if a writer is very proficient in a foreign language, the complacency that comes from writing in one’s mother language does not come from a foreign language. There is a proverb about this and that is it a satisfied stomach can be got only through own language. But a country has many regional languages. But very few writers write in their regional language. In Bangladesh, a long time ago, various types of regional songs and manuscripts were composed in the regional language. Though Bengali literature has a successful journey of 1300 years, modern Bengali literature has a very few publishing in regional languages.

Rabindranath Tagore, Manik, Bankim, Nazrul etc. were the writers and authors of the golden age of Bangla literature. But they used to write poem, novel or short story in ‘Shadhu Vasha’ (similar vocabulary of Sanskrit) or colloquial Bangla language. Sometimes they used different regional languages only in the conversation.

In the semi modern age, writers who were born before the liberation war of 1971, used their regional languages in their novels, short stories and poem. Say for example, Akhtaruzzaman Elias has published his Khoabanama in the regional language of Bagura, Chilekothar Sepai in the regional language of Dhaka. Another famous author Imdadul Haque Milon has published much of his renowned novel, Nurjahan in the regional language. He also used different regional languages in many of his famous novels.

In recent times, however, writers normally avoid regional languages in their writings. Some rising writers at present think regional languages can distort the spoken language. But surprisingly regional languages enrich the Bangla literature.Because regional languages add more vocabulary to the spoken language. Any literature in regional language is more attractive because of its decorative beauty.

The second reason is also related to the first one. Some authors think may be readers would face problem while reading in regional languages. That would may decrease the attraction of potential readers. But many Bangladeshi readers has given positive feedback about the regional languages. Besides, readers from the West Bengal of India has that they have no issues to understand the actual meaning of the novel or poem in regional languages.

The third reason is ignorance. In modern times most of the young promising writers do not know much about the use of regional languages. As regional language is comparatively tough to use than the widely used colloquial Bangla language.

But there is a ginormous scope for authors to write in the regional languages. Because regional languages are the powerful base for any language across the world. In the recent years, there is a trend to write blog in Bangla. The blogging in regional language will enliven the practice of using regional languages. This will introduce the readers to the different regional languages. Besides, writers and authors will also get the inspiration to write and publish their works in regional languages.

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This article was written by Nazneen

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