Celebrity Speaks

How this Works?

1. Book Your Favourite Celebrity for,

   a. Happy Birthday Wishes with/without a book as a gift

   b. Send out motivational or inspirational message for some one or in general

   c. Share a thought worth spreading

   d. Send your best wishes or season's greetings with/without a book as a gift

   e. Share any special message for any one

   f. Send yourself a message such as congratulations on your new assignment or if you require prayers and wishes for something and so on

(If there are any other messages that you would wish to clarify for booking you may write to us)

2. After adding your Celebrity to your Cart, Add the book you wish to gift by going to The Bookstore and selecting your title. If you are choosing a book gift, make sure to place the shipping address of the recipient in the Cart during checkout and NOT your own address.

3. The celebrity video would be delivered within 10 working days

4. If you have a book gift we will print and ship your paperback/hard case directly to the given address (within India only)

5. Reach stars from Bollywood, Musicians, Artists, Authors, Sportsmen, Producers and Directors of your choice to have them send you their greetings and comments in their videos and create lifetime memories for you

Terms and Conditions

1. No personal comments/views are allowed on Religion, Caste or anything of similar sort

2. Choosing a book as a gift along with celebrity video is optional

3. If a chosen celebrity denies to record a video, you may choose a second option post his rejection

4. Do not expect any marketing, promotions or endorsements to be done by the Celebrity

5. Prices include Celebrity booking rates and all taxes (incl GST)

6. For any queries or payment you may send us an email at publishing@ukiyoto.com

Disclaimer: All photo images are taken from the net and are for display and representation purpose only. Copyright of the photos belong to their rightful owners.

You may use the Price or the Collection Filter to suit your budget, theme and interest.

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