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Translate your book to more than 23 lang

Give your story a life and make your dream come true by getting your own Audio book from our studio with our in house Voice Over Artists OR have your own Voice tuned according to International standards.

Publish your audio books and start earning royalty.

Hiring a producer and a voice over artist can be an immensely costly affair, running upto thousands of dollars, to develop a good quality audio book.

So we decided to identify the best voice over artists across the world and work with them in our studio to produce quality content at affordable price.


Enable you to record your voice with our set guidelines (DIY - Do It Yourself mode) and have us fine tune, edit noise reduction, modulate and adjust your audio in our studio to meet industry standards and populate globally same way as the paperbacks and ebooks. We will take care of the Cover Art as per required format for listing, distribution and marketing of your Audio book.

Current Artists Available: (Scroll down to listen to the sample audio provided)

a. English: Female

b. Spanish: Female

c. Hindi: Female

d. Polish: Male

How does this work?

Step I

(Send us an email by clicking on the tab below to let us know your title and language confirmation)

If you are already published with us, you may let us know your title name and the languages you want for audio book formation. The languages need to be first published in textual format before building an audio book.

If you are in the process of publishing with us, you may confirm your audio book requirement and we will initiate the process along with your textual formats.

If you are not published with us and you want us to only build and publish your audio book, you need to send us a copy of your original content for us to read through and start building your book.

Step II

Once we have your scripts, we will engage one of our professional voice over artists to first understand the content and then start recording. It is always important to understand the characters in the story, prepare a character sketch and immerse oneself into the story to provide an excellent voice over.

FOR DO IT YOURSELF - We will send you the guidelines to record your audio in the prescribed format and send us back the files for post processing.

Step III

Post recording, we will process the raw files in our studio to match industry standards and comply with the streaming requirements on known e-tailers. We will also take care of the required Cover Art and other collaterals in the given specifications.

Terms and Conditions

a. Authors with their ebooks and paperbacks published with us would require to sign an Author Addendum to their contract for royalty receipt of their published audio books

b. Authors who wish to publish only their audio books with us would require to sign an Author Audio Book Contract for royalty receipt of their published books

c. Story copyrights at all point in time solely lie with the author or content creator

d. Royalty shall be paid in the same proportion as mentioned, the details of which would be updated monthly in the Earnings Dashboard

e. All titles would go for production once the entire requirements are received from the author

f. The project timeline would be intimated to the authors prior to commissioning of work and depending on the complexity of the storyline

g. There would be no concept of royalty sharing as each story would be entitled to a single book for an author no matter what the word count is

h. You can read the story yourself or have your friend or family read for you.


(All prices are per title per language inclusive of all taxes)

Regular                      : 1.2 INR per word

For Authors publishing only Audio books (not Paperbacks and eBooks) with us, additional 3750 INR is applicable to the above prices.

For DO IT YOURSELF (You record and send us the files) : NO CHARGE

We will book your slot for your audio project on a first come first serve basis and hence may have a waiting time.

Write to us for any clarifications anytime at

Click Play to listen to the Sample Audio extract by one of our Voiceover Artists.

The excerpt is taken from Jonathan Livingstone Seagull a story by Richard Bach.

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